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The Return to Forefront

An annual 1-day intensive seminar for women in ministry & leadership. This highly effective think tank and strategy room draw women of all generations and backgrounds to be empowered and prepared to fulfill purpose on another level. Participants are given full access to presenters that are on the cutting edge in the field of marketing/branding, business development and theology. “The Return to Forefront” commences in July yearly. There are only 20 spaces available yearly.

The Forefront FAST TRACK

A Fall/Winter 3-hour intensive seminar for women in ministry & leadership. This intimate classroom setting is the perfect cross between individual coaching and our yearly seminar. It allows you to receive individualized coaching while feeling the support of the other participants. There are only 10 spaces per class class.

Forefront DIRECT - Individual Consultation

A personal one-on-one with Lady Leah where she provides full access to her knowledge, spirit-led creativity and expertise in ministry. She will lead you through an intensive brainstorming session that is personalized to meet your needs. If you are in need of mentoring, this session is the perfect start to building a mentor/mentee connection.

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